Basketball Training Registration

Thank you for trusting Fogle Athletics with your athlete. Our 4 primary goals for our ballers are: to learn the game of basketball, have fun, build relationships and become good sportspersons. Below are some things to note:

1. Once you complete the form below, you will be directed to make your payment. Payments must be made in full for full registration to be completed. If you complete the form below but do not submit payment, your slot will be released.

2. Training sessions are 1 hour and pick up time is promptly at the top of the next hour. If you will be late please call. There is a 15 minute grace period, after which a late fee will apply at the rate of $10 per 15 minutes.

3. Parents/Guardians are welcome to attend any session of training where there is room for observation. We ask that parents and observers stay off the playing court.

4. Please be sure to sign your child in/out DAILY. If there are changes to the adult designated for pick up, please Provide notice in advance.

5. Please provide your athlete with water bottles during training/practice and ensure that your child is dressed in athletic gear daily.

6. If your athlete is injured and needs to be taken to emergency services we will attempt to contact parents first. If unable to contact parents immediately, the athlete’s safety is our first concern and he/she will be taken for treatment to the closest available medical facility. Every attempt will be made to contact parents subsequently. It is important to list an Emergency Contact person other than a parent on the registration form. Parents will be asked to pick up their athlete who cannot participate in training activities due to injury or illness.

7. If you need to cancel your child’s enrollment, you must notify us in writing at least 1 week before the start of that week of training in order to receive a partial refund. No refunds will be given out within 1 week of the start of that week of training.

8. Cancellations are subject to a $25 processing fee per child for obvious reasons. Head counts are crucial for staffing, team assignments, daily scheduling and planning.

9. There are no allowances given for late arrival, vacations, illness, or injury. Changes in the enrolled weeks are based on availability and must also be made 1 week before the start of your athlete’s week of training. No refunds or adjustments will be made on days missed at the fault of the parent/athlete.